Walworth Fire Department, Inc.

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We meet at the Fire Hall on the 2nd Tuesday night from 7:30 - 8:30 each month.

2018 Board Members



President: Liz O'Toole


Vice-President: Elaine Lyle


Secretary: Mary Abrams


Treasurer: Kay Hall
Sunshine Committee: Gail Rutkowski


Kitchen Coordinator: Patti Corney


Historian: Liz O'Toole (acting)

2017 Service Awards
L to R: Barb Stalker (40 yrs), Elaine Lyle (10 yrs), Patti Corney (5 yrs),
Abbie Schmitt (10 yrs), Mary Abrams (10 yrs),
Elaine Leasure (35 yrs), President Liz O'Toole

2016 Service Awards

L to R: Liz O'Toole (Co-President), Becky Appleman (Co-President),
Shirley VanDeWalle (45 yrs)

2015 Service Awards

L to R: Becky Appleman (40 yrs), President Elaine Leasure, Gail Rutkowski (5 yrs)


Pancake Breakfast - 4/26/15


Thank you to everyone for your support!!

Pancake Breakfast - 10/26/14

15 Year Members